Training video update

Hello everyone!

I'm still here in Istanbul, enjoying some good sunshine, although the weather is a bit cold at the moment. However apparently in about 3-4 weeks' time it's gonna be summer. Now that's gonna be something else for me, who is used to the english summers lol

Training is going well, enjoying my training sessions and generally people here are very friendly with a female bodybuilder (not like in the past in some other country hmmm 😉 ) And I don't mean only in the gym but in general. It is a nice and pleasant surprise.



And here is a video I did 2 days ago here in Istanbul at Hedef Spor Kulübü. I was training biceps and I recorded 1 set of each exercises, I hope you'll enjoy. If you have any training or nutrition question or if you need guidance I'm available for online coaching, so get in touch at

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