Condition check after back training 24 October, 2022

Full shoulder workout 11 October 2022 – offseason in MadHouse Mableton GA

A short video for beginners who would like to start their journey for a healthier life

Full back workout offseason, 4 weeks after Tampa Pro

One of my last upper body pump up sessions 3 days out of the AtlantaPro 2022

Training quads 6 weeks out – if you need to bring up your quads, I do give some pointers in my videos

Another Hamstrings and glutes session with some insights how I brought up my glutes and how I train them

Some quad session insights

Full glutes training session with an explanation of the exercises

A message to my friend – and whoever else needs to hear this

Tricep training routine off season, explanation of the exercises and training routines

Leg session explained during contest prep – 3 weeks out of NYPro 2021

Lagging bodyparts – everybody has one. What can you do to bring them up?

Athlete’s lifestyle – is it only for the athletes? What if you don’t want to compete, but still would like to look like someone who does?

Full shoulder workout with explanation

Full bicep workout with explanation 

Short excerpt from an offseason bicep training – watch the full video on my Fan Sites

Off-season full leg session 9 October 2021 in Madhouse Gym Mableton

Off-season back session 4 October 2021

Shoulder workout after the competition season has finished 9 Sep 2021

Shoulder workout last week of the Savannah Pro 1 Sep 2021

Chest and arms session a few days after TampaPro 12 August 2021

Posing practice after leg training, 1 week out of NorfolkPro

Legs and glutes workout 2 weeks out 30 June 2021

Push workout circuit 2 weeks out of NorfolkPro 29 June 2021

Bicep workout at the end of the back workout 28 June 2021

Full back workout 28 June 2021 Madhouse Gym Mableton, GA

Posing practice after training 11 June 2021

Full hamstring and glutes training 9 June 2021 – Madhouse Gym Atlanta GA

Back training 7 June 2021 – Madhouse Gym Mableton / Atlanta GA

New York Pro 15 May 2021
Comparisons at prejudging

Confirmation rounds at the finals at the NYPro

Posedown and awards at the NYPro

My 1 minute free posing routine at the NyPro

My routine at the NYPro, 15 June 2021 – Tampa, FL

Condition check posing 5 weeks out of NYPro ( April 2021)

Quads pump during leg training

Training 3 weeks out – short clips April 2021

Hammies and glutes workout


Posing routine at the Chicago Pro, 2019 – pro debut

Posing routine at the NABBA Worlds, Italy, 2018

Posing routine at the NABBA Worlds in Russia 2017

Posing routine at the WFF Worlds, Ireland 2016

Posedown at the NABBA Worlds, Natal, Brazil, 2016

Posing routine at the WFF Universe, France, 2015

Posing routine at the NABBA Worlds, Malta 2015

Training biceps at the Castle Gym in Windsor:

Training legs at the Monster Gym in Cheshunt:


Guest spot at the Hungarian qualifier for the NAC Universe, 14th October 2012, Szentendre Hungary:

Posing Routine at the NAC Worlds Kazan, Russia, 2012:

Physique class, comparisons at the NAC Worlds, Kazan Russia, June 2012: