Personal Training & Online coaching 

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The services I offer:

  • Personal training: Both ladies and gentlemen, from beginners to contest preparation. Whatever your goal is (losing fat, building muscle, contest preparation) I can help you achieve it! All my training programs are tailor made for your level and goal.
  • Online coaching: Includes a customized nutrition and training program and weekly check-ins (over Skype or phone). This plan includes as many changes to the nutrition and training programs during the coaching program as needed - and private training videos to teach you the right techniques.
  • Consultation: Face to face or over Skype. If you need motivation, or just want to know more about nutrition or training - whether you're a  beginner or advanced athlete - book a consultation and let me help you.
  • Workshops and Seminars: I am available for any fitness/body building, or nutrition related workshops and seminars: training techniques, diet, weight loss etc Please get in touch for details

For online coaching please visit my Online Coaching page and fill out the form.

Need motivation? Stuck with your old routine?

If you need help, advice, motivation, someone who can push you to achieve your weight loss or lifestyle changing goal GET IN TOUCH NOW to book an appointment!

I work with different people with different goals. I can differentiate between serious athletes and hobby trainers who want to work out for fitness. I do understand that the goals, priorities and motivation are all different for different people. I push everyone to their own limits, not to my standards. I understand that we have different goals and priorities. However one thing is constant:  it's very satisfying for me to help them reach their goals and see them succeed. I understand how important it is for your success to have a good coach who can advise you on what to do when you hit a plateau, or can motivate you when you think it's time to give up.

If you need any advice on training, how to improve your physique, how to change your diet or just want to see how I do it, get in touch!

Or send me a message on: +1 470 621 4392

If you would like to read more about nutrition and training, please check out my Basic Nutrition and Training page for more info.