About diet plans in general

When it comes to diet there’s barely a thing like one size fits all.

?Some people work very well on carbs, others don’t. Some people like eating, some don’t. We all struggle with something: either to put on weight or to lose it.

?Some coaches swear on carbs, they think you can’t train and progress without them. Others say it’s not necessary.

?I say: everyone is different. That’s why you shouldn’t just copy someone’s diet program or search one online. Everyone is different: our metabolism, out activity levels, our insulin sensitivity... our caloric needs are different and where those calories come from. Some people can get away with frequent cheat meals, others have to stick to a strict regime to see results.

?I would avoid working with a coach who doesn’t ask any questions about your current eating habits.

?Another thing with some coaches is that some of them put their clients on a similar plan - whether it works or not. Just because my body works really well on keto, I do understand that it’s not always the case with everyone. Not everyone likes it, not everyone can adapt to it - not just physically, but mentally as well, and therefore it’s not for everyone. Some people try it but don’t do it right or give up too early. There’s too much info out there and it’s difficult to filter what would work for you and what wouldn’t.

?The same thing goes when you’re on carbs. How much you should eat, what carbs work well with your body...

it’s normal to feel lost, but I recommend before you give up, try and find a coach that you trust and get a nutrition program (not necessarily me, but any coach who YOU TRUST)

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