My latest contest prep

Some of you may know that I’ve been getting ready for a competition. My prep is coming to an end now and I just would like to say a few words about it.It was a different prep this time. I’ve done a lot of research on nutrition – we all would like to make it easier if we could. Now let me tell you something: you can make your prep easier, although you still have to put all the hard work in.

Has it been a more successful prep? Well, let’s wait another week and find out. I can’t say anything in advance, and I wouldn’t want to. I don’t want to project anything – all the athletes know that the last week still brings changes (for better or worse, it can still go either way). However one thing is for sure: I have no food cravings. Before, during the last few weeks of my previous contest preps I was looking at ‘food porn’, checking out what I’m gonna eat after the competition etc at this point I haven’t done any of those, and that’s purely down to the changed diet I used this time. Am I hungry? Yes, of course I am. Have I got energy? No, not much, because I still needed to cut calories to get down my bodyfat levels. 
Most people think that losing bodyfat is only down to dieting hard and working hard. Well, in essence it’s true. However if your hormones are not in balance, all that will go out of the window. You think you’re eating the right food, in the right quantities, you do your cardio, but your bodyfat still doesn’t shift… I’ve been there, done it. Nothing is more frustrating. And people say: you don’t diet hard enough… Well, guess what? You probably do, harder than most, and that’s what makes it even more annoying. 
The best thing I’ve done was starting everything with a hormone resetting diet. It was high time for me as I’d been struggling with metabolic issues for years. Once that was cleared and in balance, I started eating for hormonal health, I’ve used a pro metabolic approach: cut out some foods from my diet completely – and you’d be surprised that I don’t mean sugar. I actually still have sugar in my diet, this close to a competition. And I’ve also added others that help with my metabolism and thyroid health. I will talk about all this later, in more detail, once I’m back to ‘normal’ again. 
If you’re struggling with losing weight, get in touch and I can help you how to get your hormonal balance back.