Holiday in Hungary

Time for a new update and I thought I'd share my photos and experiences from my holiday in Hungary. Originally I'm from Hungary and i have all my family back there. I haven't got a big family though and not many true friends to visit either, although it's always a rush when I go back there, never enough time to rest.

Even on holidays I usually go to the gym, especially if i know there is a good gym around. I trained at the Metropol Fitness while I was there, it's in Miskolc. Good selection of machines, enough free weights, good enough for any bodypart (little bit less on legs though, but it's difficult to top a gym like Monster when it comes to legs)

IMG_2337 IMG_2354

Apart from training I also tried to catch up with friends and family. Spent 2 days in Budapest over the weekend where we visited the Memento Park, went to a Brasilian restaurant (CasaBrasil) where we tried 16 different types of meat, and visited my favourite place in Hungary - Eger, that has a lot of Turkish history.

IMG_2406 IMG_2403

IMG_2414 IMG_2415 IMG_2418 IMG_2457 IMG_2462 IMG_2521 IMG_2523

Not to mention the amount of food I consumed on the last few days. Hungarian food is quite heavy but the cakes there are just something else. I have a terrible sweet tooth so it was like heaven for me 😉


And now back to reality, focusing on training again. Come back for more updates!

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